"Tempting Fate" Soundtrack Now Available for Purchase on Major Platforms

Nothing like a combination of African and Spanish worship songs

Tempting Fate, a 2015 released movie that looks at the prolific tale of two brothers from very strained and difficult paths, has officially released its beautifully touching and completely original film soundtrack for download on all major platforms. The Tempting Fate Soundtrack is a worship album that is a combination of African, Spanish, and English influences through the eclectic and talented crew that developed the pieces.

“These songs are developed from such starkly different backgrounds and influences that their impact and potential for reaching people from all over the world is immense,” said Kevin Nwankwor. “These exceptional worship songs cut across race and dig right to the core of what matters in all of us: our faith and love of humanity. It was such a delight to work on a soundtrack of this proportion, and we are incredibly excited to announce it is available for purchase aside from the Tempting Fate movie.”

We sing inspirational songs, songs of praise and worship, and about how good and how big God is. We are magnifying the Lord.

Fred Hammond

An emotional soundtrack for all ages, Tempting Fate’s worship list can be found on major platforms like Apple, Amazon, MusicBox and more. A carefully crafted and methodically developed song list, the soundtrack could easily be dubbed as the most thought provoking and soul-touching collections of music, not just for this year, but for many years to come. A combination of vocal and instrumental harmony that will resonate with every audience, the soundtrack draws inner emotions right to the forefront of the listeners.

“We wanted this soundtrack to make listeners feel something more than just a song – we want it to inspire a wave of faith and love,” said Nwankwor. “Our inspiration through God and Gospel is what led us to develop this unforgettable set list. For those who missed out on viewing Tempting Fate, we strongly suggest you give these incredible songs a listen.”

Tempting Fate, a Nigerian American film written, directed, and produced by Kevin Nwankwor, is a powerful tale unlike any other that truly dissects the meaning of love, betrayal, and forgiveness through a suspenseful and emotion film. A story of two very different brothers, one from a life of faith and kindness, and the other from a life of gangs and crimes, Tempting Fate illustrates the emotions, connections, and misunderstanding that results when two very different people of the same background cross paths.

A film that received many positive reviews from its viewing at the 2015 Pan American Film Festival event, critics near and far and praising the movie for its perfectly crafted and coupled soundtrack.

For more information, or to buy the revolutionary Tempting Fate Soundtrack today, visit: http://kevinnwankwor.com/music/


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